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People like to talk

Conversational interface is an evolution of natural control & interaction with digital services. All the existing user interfaces that need touch and turn are not natural enough which creates a barrier preventing customers to use your business services anywhere & more frequently.

Be on the edge

Asheep helps digital and e-commerce get into devices such as Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, Google Home, Slack, Messenger & others. It enables human-like conversation with your business services — out of the box. You don’t need to train your own AI. You don’t have to create multilevel context aware dialogs.

Health & Fitness

Asheep learns your business, and automatically creates voice and text controlled bot effortlessly. No programming skills are needed, nor a background in computer science. It has never been easier to enable true human to machine communication.

How it Works

Talk with our AI about your business

Communication with Asheep, and the bot creation, is fully conversational and assistive.

Asheep learns and adopts your API

We use machine learning to deduct missing or unclear parts, to minimize your effort and and save your valuable time. You just validate the results.


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About Us

Voice, a conversation in natural language, is the easiest way, how to communicate, even with machines. All the buttons, wheels, and user interfaces later in digital era, were designed at times when conversational and assistive technologies sounded like distant future.

Traditional applications lack assistance and generally conversational experience. They are interactive, the best ones lead you, but if you’re stuck, there is no assistance.

Conversational interface elevates the customer experience on a new level and dramatically improves customer happiness.

Asheep is the solution that connects various business with real people - talking, breathing, living

The Mission

We strive to radically improve customer experience by bringing fully conversational interface. We are a team of amazing engineers, designers, and scientists. Our ultimate goal is to make challenging stuff easy and to simplify the world around us.